sim only nummer behoud

  • 28 juli 2021
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Dear Tele2

I have ordered one sim only 

But I wanted own number , I recieved a new sim cart with new number , why ? I dont want new number 

If you can change my provider (lebara) , I can accept you otherwise I dont want new sim cart

Please cancel all my orders 



3 reacties

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Hi @Alireza,

Welcome to the Community and to the Tele2 family! How nice that you have chosen us. I'll look into your order right away!

It's true that you now get a sim card with a different number. This is a temporary number. Your number will be transferred automatically on the day of number porting. That date we receive from your current provider Lebara. I see the number porting date is : 23-11-2021. 

Now I look further and I see that you have placed another order. You have placed the same order twice, once on 26-7 and once on 28-7. Why did you do that? Do you want to cancel one? You can because you have 14 days to cancel. Then I would like to hear which order you want to cancel. If you want to cancel both, no problem!

If you have any questions I would love to hear from you. I am here for you!



Hello , thanks for response

Yah , I ordered twice , because I thought,  may be I have ordered wrong. 

I spoke with your colleague today by phone , and I told every thing, we decide,  I keep that sim cart to my self which I sent me yesterday,  and your colleague told me ، he coordinate with Lebara 

And change my number on that sim cart 

, so I want just one contract which It has had My number ( 0613813131) , so you cancel one of my contacts,  it's up to you , 

If you can't change my provider to Tele 2 I dont want none of the orders , because,  I need my old number

You must know , you colleague told me , send me SMS tomorrow,  I will wait until tomorrow 

Dank u wel 

Dank u wel

Today , I spoke with two of your colleagues,  and 

Finally,  I found out , Tele 2 needs my customer number for changing my provider , 

I called to Lebara and I got my customer number 

Then,  I called to Tele 2 , and told my customer number to them .

My customer number is 


Please do two things for me 

1) you sent me one sim cart , change number to my old number (0613813131) on that sim cart 

2) I have ordered one request for two times , please cancel one of them 

Please let me know any updates