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  • 13 September 2023
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Hi there,


On Wednesday 16th August, I cancelled my Tele2 mobile subscription. I received an email confirmation from Tele2 stating “Your subscription will be terminated on September 16, 2023. Your mobile number [removed by moderator] will also expire.”


Yesterday on September 12th, I registered with my new provider as the 16th September was approaching and I wanted my number to be ported and not expire. However, I then received an email from Vodafone stating that Tele2 had informed them that my number could only be transferred to Vodafone on 16th October. 


Could you please assist? I want my number to be released/ported over on 16th September, that is why I cancelled it one month earlier on 16th August. 





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Hey that's because of number portability. Providers have mutually agreed to give 1 month's notice. So the first next opportunity is then the following month. 

But your contract with tele2 will stay active till that moment if i am right.

And please dont post your telephone number on this community, this is public. Scammers can find it.

I tried to port my number last month on 16th August. Tele2 said I could not, and that I had to cancel my subscription and wait a month. So I cancelled it, and have waited four weeks until now. Now, I am trying to get a new subscription with another provider, and you’re telling me I need to wait another month?


I cancelled my subscription and waited the required timeframe. I would like to have my number ported over this week.


I can’t seem to edit the post to remove my number...


I can’t seem to edit the post to remove my number...   

You can only do that within one hour of the first posting