why am I being charged so much?

  • 28 January 2021
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I didn't receive an invoice via email this month but Tele2 tried to take 33€ off of my bank account. My charge should be around 14€.

I thought I was being a good customer by paying off my phone early, but instead it seems like I'm being charged again for something I already paid off. 

I requested a refund through my bank and I have received it. Now Tele2 has sent me a text to say I need to pay. I refuse to pay until I get an invoice for the correct amount or an explanation as to why I need to pay extra.

Why have I been charged extra? 


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Check the invoices on

Paying off your phone at the beginning of month result in the next handset period already in progress to put on the invoice. 

Revoking money will not help you. You need a credit invoice to prevent further charges and a disconnect of the service when invoices get due.

But it is probably what told you above here and you need to pay the invoice as soon as possible.

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Correct, one monthly loan amount can already have been reserved to be put on the invoice at the moment you were paying off your phone loan. This means you have paid all loan amounts except one, which is on the invoice you refunded your payment for. Check your invoices in your Tele2 account or in the mobile app.

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Hallo @MB7 ,
Welcome to the Community! I'm going to help you with your invoices right away.

It's correct what Eric and Pipo say. They have already given you a lot of useful information, thanks! I immediately grabbed your data. In December you paid your phone credit earlier, this was deducted from your invoice in December. The January invoice is almost paid, I see the payment is on its way. Well done! 

If there is anything else I can do for you, please let me know!

Hi Cas,

Thank you for your response.

Since I paid my phone off completely in December and I got a discount of 17,75 from my bill. I dont understand why the 17,75 charge is now on my bill from January. I know there can be a small correction on the bill following paying off your phone but that looks like the 1,74 "betaling toestelkrediet" on the bill.

Why am I being charged the extra 17,75 in January? 

Thanks for your help