Contract did not mention starting in 4 months automatically

  • 24 January 2022
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I have signed up for a sim-card subscription and requested to keep my number (13th of August, I believe, 2021).

I received a sim card that with a note that said that I cannot use it until my contract starts. And that I will receive my contract soon. 


I received a contract indeed. And then I received a message on my phone that I cannot change abonnements because my old contract isn’t over ( with a different service provider) and I  have to wait for it to end. 


So I assumed that the number exchange and my subscription cannot go through. There was no communication about my subscription started for 5 months. Until in January I receive a random invoice (Kenmerk: 2223/1.20942296) for 18 euros that is said to be take on the 26th of Jan automatically. I cannot use the “factuur uitleggen” service , I get (Je hebt geen rechten om deze pagina te bekijken.
Probeer een van onderstaande opties om verder te gaan.) . 


In conclusion, I do not understand what the 18 euros invoice is for. Does that mean you are starting my subscription 5 months later after I ordered it with the other number? I did not see anything about this in the contract. Also, I am aware that I could only cancel the contract within 2 weeks after order. But I did not get any indication that it will go through with the other number even after decline from my previous provider. 


Please, help because that is a lot of money paying for two subscriptions for like a year. 




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@Marciano van Tele2 , hi!!

Can I get some update on this? It has been more than 3 months 😭



@Marciano van Tele2 please don’t ignore me 😭 when can I get the money back ?

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Hi @aziya,

I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to ignore you! This is a very weird situation. I checked your account and I can still see the credit that I requested, however - for some reason you still didn't receive it.

I mailed my colleagues again and asked to pick this up a.s.a.p! I hope I will get an answer tomorrow at the latest. I hope they can find the credit and hope they can put you on the refund list first thing. 

Side note: I gave a lot of info that they need to fix a refund. Order number is one of the things they need, but I couldn't find it anymore (probably because it's from a few months ago). Could you please send me your order number from back then? In case they need it. 😊

I'm sorry for the inconvenience and thank you so much for your patience. I'll be on top of this case from now on! Please, don't hesitate to message me here.

Kind regards,


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Hi @aziya,

I just came across this topic and am very curious if this has all been resolved and settled in the meantime! Would you please let me know? If it is still not solved, I will get to work for you immediately!

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Hi @aziya,

On the 2nd of August my colleague placed your refund on the list. So on or around 2 August the refund has been deposited. I also don’t see the open credit in your account anymore, so I assume you have it now. Could you please confirm? I’d love to hear from you and again my apologies that it took so long! 😊

Kind regards,