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  • 28 October 2023
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My internet speed is very slow. When I download some documents the speed is always less than 1MB/S (wireless, laptop), which is much lower than the promised speed. When I send message to friends using my phone, it always takes me very long time to wait for it being sent. 

Before, I lived in other places, and there was no such problems. And when I am in school and connect to Eduroam Wi-fi, the internet is fast and convenient. So I suppose there is no problem in my devices and connections. I am sitting right next to the router so it might also not because I am too far away from the router.

3 weeks before I installed the new router you sent to me, but the situation has not been improved. (BTW I have sent back the old router).


update: I just checked the router and connections, seems that it is using DSL connections. Is it possible to upgrade it to optical fiber connection for my present subscription?

P.S. I am representing my aunt to ask for help.



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Hi Kuan, first off; welcome to our Community and great to see that you're helping your aunt! I'd love to dive into this for you, but I don't have any access to our Home systems. My colleague @Floor109 might be able to help. However; please note that he spends his time on the Community helping customers in his free time. Therefor it could take a while for him to respond. Now, I know that his own department is very busy at the moment. The best way to fix this for your aunt is to call my colleagues on 020-7544444. They do have access to the right systems and they can help you right away!

Please let me know if they were able to fix this for you! 😄