problem with installation of wifi device please help

  • 30 oktober 2019
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Dear All,

I am new here and order Tele2 connection with comes with 4 pin adaptor with telephone line. But in my house there is no point where i can connect that. I have Tratec adaptor installed attached screenshot here. But no idea how to connect that telephone line wire to this.

Please help to install my new connection

6 reacties

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You are using the wrong cable, the cable connection/socket on your picture is for television and internet used by Ziggo (cable tellevision)

You need to search for another type of cable (ISRA point) and use the red and blue one to connect your Modem to.

They can be found in the closet where your electricity circuit breakers are, or in the living room.

Look at the link below, pictures of ISRA ponts.

But its probably a squair with 4 holes in it


Pictures off ISRA points

Thank you for your reply.

I have checked in my entire house. I didn't find the 4 holes ISRA point in my house. I checked my Landlord he said the one in my image is only connection that is for internet.

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Then you cant get internet from Tele2 and you need to get a subscription from Ziggo.

But to cancel the contract as i have not used the service , Do i still need to pay the amount? My contract started from 28th Oct and I received the Device on 29th Oct.

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You  have 14 days to cancel your subscription when it started (colportage wet) what the cost are i have no idea because i am not working for Tele2.

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The 14 days start counting on the day of ordering, nor when they deliver the modem or service. Just call customer care to see what is possible.