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  • 13 May 2021
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Hey folks! As I will go back to my home country, someone will take over my room. And she also wants to take over the Internet subscription, Could this be possible? How can I do that? Thanks!


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4 reacties

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Hello @Z Xu,

Welcom on the Community! It is possible to arrange a contract takeover, please contact the cancellation department by phone. Call us at telephone number 020-754 4465, we will help you there!

The contract will be transferred per the first of the next month. You will receive a message upon confirmation and approval of the contract transfer, we need around 5 working days to transfer the contract.

In addition, I would like to inform you that completing the change of account number can take a month. It is therefore possible that we will debit one more time from the old account number. I would like to ask you to keep an eye on this yourself. 

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I'm sorry, didn't seen that.

I can't find that.

You wait till maybe tomorrow a tele2 moderator will help you, or you make tomorrow a phone call to the helpdesk.



 Hi, thanks for responding. I’ve checked this but I’m not sure if this also works for the Internet? Becuase  I noticed it is about the mobile subscriptions.

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First read this