Probleem met internet, DNS, Network chance detected.

  • 8 May 2019
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Over meerdere weken ongeveer 20.30 avonds heb ik geen internet met Tele2 server, geen DNS of "network chance detected". Duurt 30 min tot 1 uur. Ongeveer 23.30 dezelfde en duurt tot 03.00. TV werkt oke, maar het internet is "down". Wat kan dat zijn.

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9 reacties

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Gaan de lampjes op het modem op dat moment ook anders branden?
Lampjes 24:00 uur: O aan X uit, Technicolor:

Power O
Internet O
Ethrenet 1 O, 2 X, 3 O, 4 X
Wireless O
Voice X

Reset does not help. Still "no internet access". TV and the phone line work.

The last blackout 10.5 23:30 to 11.5 04-05:00 uur.

In the morning everything works ok.

Something controls the blackout with a certain time schedule - now over 3 weeks. I have had fraud emails with threats to cancel my internet connection if don't pay. Is this part of the situation? I have send the fraud emails to the "
Could it be the power save option, that it is responsible for the disconnecting.
But then you wouldnt have a phone and tv connection either.
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Is there a blue light?
No blue light. I have a feeling that this "thing" is located in the DNS server.
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Sorry, Then I can't help you.
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If it always happens at certain times you might want to look into if something else turns on / off at that time that might be interfering. Technicolor does not have a build in power save option like the ZTE modem has.
OK. Yesterday evening the problem did not appear! I did not chance anything. Let's see this evening.
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