Difficult telephone cable connection

  • 12 March 2019
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I received a package from Tele2 to connect my internet. However I can't figure out where my telephone connection in the house is and how to connect the Tele2 modem to it. Please see the img attached for the cables connections which I found in my house. The house is from year 1975.
I would really appreciate your help as I need internet as soon as possible.

Beste antwoord door Kevin van Tele2 13 March 2019, 10:45

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Try the red and the blue wires.
Hi theocoppes, thanks for your quick reaction. I looked closer just now and realized that all the cables are cut (disconnected). I have 5 colors coming out of the wall: yellow (thicker), white, orange, blue and red.
Question: By trying red and blue as you suggested, what should I do with them. Do I need to buy a new connection box first? In this case would this be considered as a Type 3 connection from instructions?
Please see imgs attached.
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You can also use the connection box you have there. All cables who are cut disconnect them and use the screws to connect the cable to the modem. What cable do you have? If it doesn't work on blue and red, just try another colors, you can't destroy it!
I just have a telephone cable that came in the box. Also I have a plug, when I open it I see 4 colors: yellow, green, black and red. Should I connect the cables from the wall to that plug? If so, do I need to connect 4 colors? or just 2? and which ones to align? Thx
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You only need two cables, red and blue mostly. You can one plug cut from the cable and connect them with the screws. If it doesn't work try other colors.
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What theoccopes said and when that is your ISRA point, because your ISRA point can also be placed in the closet where your circuit breakers are placed.
How do I find my ISRA point? I don't see anything which could look as a telephone line in my meter closet.
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Hi Igor,

I'll try to explain step by step what needs to be done to connect the modem.

1. Remove all wires except the blue and red on the bottomleft from the main connection point shown in your first picture
2. strip the cable in your last picture by cutting 1 of the plugs at the end exposing the wires, also strip away about a centimeter of the plastic to expose the copper from the wires
3. After stripping the cable you'll most likely see 4 different color wires, to know which ones to use (you only need to use 2) look at the other end of the cable you just cut and look through the plug and see which two colors are in the middle.
4. Connect the copper of two wires with the color you just saw on the topleft of the main connection point behind the screws.
5. Connect the other end of the cable directly into the DSL port on the modem and power up the modem.

If done correctly you should see the L1 light blinking before it turns on after that the Internet light should go green, this might take 10-15 minutes minutes. If it doesnt work then instead of the blue and red wires you could also try the orange and white ones, just remove the red and blue and replace it with the orange and white and see if theres any change.

Please let us know if it works!
When what Kevin said doesnt wordk then look at the picture below, 4 different ISRA points.

@Kevin van Tele2 thanks for your detailed explanation, I did follow it step by step and actually tried all the combinations of wire colors. Also waited for 10-15 mins before trying each of the color combination. Nothing worked :(
@Cypher, I don't think I have any of ISRA points you show on the picture. All i have it the one I have shown on the picture.
When you tried everything then its probably time to let a KPN mechanic do the job for you, they can localise the ISRA point and when necessary repair/connect it for you.
Kevin can arange that for you, so you have to wait untill he reacts or call them.
Ok, thanks, @Cypher
Will wait for @Kevin van Tele2 response.
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Hi Igor,

Before I can send a mechanic I will have to do a few measurements on the line, I also need the following information before I can help you further, please send me a private message with your:

- Name
- Address
- Zipcode + City
- Customer number
- Date of birth
- Last 4 digits of your bank account number

Use this link to send me a private message: Private message to Kevin.

Thanks for your cooperation and I look forward to receiving your message.

Regards, Kevin