Sim Card does not work overseas

  • 15 October 2022
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I recently signed up for a Tele2 Sim-Only subscription in September and it was stated that I would be able to roam within the EU. In my recent trips to Copenhagen (Denmark) and Manchester (UK), I was not able to obtain any connection to the networks there and it was shown that I had no service whatsoever. I have already tried turning on data roaming and I also checked the APN to be

How can I resolve this issue? I have another friend that uses the same Sim Only plan and he is able to get access to the networks so I am quite confused about this and would appreciate any help I can get.


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Hi @reinvs , welcome to the community. 

Roaming is barred until the first two invoices are paid.

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Hey @reinvs, I'm sorry I totally missed your topic, but I'm here to help now! What @eric is correct. However, I lifted the blockage on international roaming for you right away. This means you can use data again. In what country are you right now? You might need to manually connect to the right network there. On this page on the T-Mobile website you will see all the networks per country, so you can connect to the right one.

Please let us know if you're connected! 😊