No sign abroad in Mytele2

  • 20 June 2022
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I have travel abroad and my tele2 don’t have signal. According mytele2 it’s blocked. Could you help me?


Beste antwoord door Marciano van Tele2 21 June 2022, 16:00

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Why is it blocked? Are invoices unpaid? Normally you can block/unblock via

In case you have a new subscription, the first two months roaming is always blocked.

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Hey Alisson, 

First off I hope you have a great time traveling! We’re going to make it even better by getting you online. @eric already named a few possible reasons for a blockage on roaming, but your invoices are paid and your subscription has been running longer than two months. I did see a blockage on international roaming however, so I removed it for you right away!

You should be able to connect to a network again within 30 minutes (if not, it helps to restart your phone). If you don’t automatically connect to a good network, please check this page to see which networks you can connect to per country.

Will you let us know if it works for you? 😊