No connection in Portugal

  • 14 July 2021
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Please I need to use my cellphone, I need to receive texts and the network is not working!


Beste antwoord door Marciano van Tele2 15 July 2021, 09:35

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5 reacties

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Do you have a network connection? Can you scan for networks manually? Did you reboot your phone after arrival?Did you check your phone settings? Especially the APN:

Yes I did but it’s still now working! =/

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Hey Ramom, good of you to come to the Community with this question.

There was an automatic blockages on roaming international on your account. I removed it right away, so you should be able to call, text and use internet again. If you haven’t connected to a network within 30 minutes, please restart your phone.

Please, let me know if everything works for you again! :smile:

Hey guys, I need your help. I’m in Portugal and there’s no network connection…I cannot call, text or data, nothing is working….can anyone here help me please?

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Hey Gustavo, I’m here to help you! For you it was the same, there was an automatic roaming blockage. I just removed it, so you should be able to find a network connection in no time. Let me know if everything works again. 

If you need us next time, please start a new topic. The Community is here for you! :smile: