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  • 8 August 2022
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I’m using unlimited call/SMS in NL/EU & unlimited data in NL. Last summer, I experienced no connection at all in Greece (except for wifi at hotel), although I turned Data Roaming on and tried many things to make it work.

In coming days, I am going to other European countries and I want to make sure the service works. How can I check there is a block on roaming abroad and internet and data abroad in MijnTele2?

Thank you. 


Beste antwoord door Johrick van Tele2 8 August 2022, 10:59

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can you check these settings? It’s in Dutch, so you need to translate the page.,Open%20de%20Instellingen.,schakel%20deze%20uit%20of%20in.

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Hi @EJ Oh,

How nice that you are going back into Europe! Where are you going? You can just use your subscription within Europe! Should you experience any problems while abroad, you can always contact Customer Service and the Community to have this sorted out for you! It is difficult to really rule out these things in advance! Hopefully you can enjoy your vacation.

@Johrick van Tele2 ,

Hi, it’s Norway and I’m facing the same problem now.

No service. How can I fix this problem?

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Hi @EJ Oh!

Would you mind setting up your network manually? In Norway we have the following providers available: Telenor & Telia. I'm assuming it will work with this! Afterwards, set your network back to automatic, otherwise you will have no network when you come back!