No connection abroad

  • 17 June 2022
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Can't use internet in Germany. Guess it's international roaming disabled. Can you plz enable it on my phone number? [hidden by moderator]


Beste antwoord door eric 17 June 2022, 14:38

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Dit topic is gesloten. Maak een nieuw topic aan als je een vraag hebt.

2 reacties

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Opening one topic is enough!

Did you buy the subscription not longer than 2 months ago? If you did not pay two invoices yet, premium numbers and roaming is automatically blocked until this is fullfilled.

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Hey @totowka,

Welcome to our Community! Nice to hear that you’re in Germany. Are you on vacation? I removed your phone number from your topic, because everyone can see it, but thanks for sending it to me. What @eric says is true. However, I don’t see any blockages on your account, so you should be able to go online anywhere. Is internet the online thing that doesn’t work or can you also not call and text? 

Please see if you can manually select one of these networks in Germany: Telefonica or Telekom.

Let us know if this solved your issue. 😊