Migration T-Mobile - Service disruption for more than a month

  • 17 November 2020
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It all started longer than a month ago. I had received various emails informing me about the new Tele2 app, and how my account would be migrated seamlessly and all I’d need to do would be to sign into the new app.


This is how it went:

  • Migration started
  • Old Tele2 app stopped working, new Tele2 app always redirected me to old app.
  • MijnTele2 login works, but as soon as my account loads I get an error message and can’t interact in any way
  • Within a week (more or less, hard for me to know), I stopped being able to receive calls. People would just land on my voice mail instantly, and I would not receive any missed calls notifications.
  • When I eventually noticed this, I reached out to customer service. They said I just had to wait 2 days for the migration to complete. Hmmm, sure.
  • Over the course of the 3 following days, my internet (4G) stopped working
  • Within another day or two, I was unable to receive text messages.

Every time I noticed some further degradation of service, I got in touch with customer support (thankfully I was still able to place calls, for some reason). That’s 30-40 minutes each time, waiting in queue, repeating what my issues were and getting transferred over and over again. 

Anyhow, fast forward a few days, I receive a brand new sim card through post. No one said they’d send it but, ok. I try it out, and of course, it needs to be activated. I can’t receive calls nor text messages, my customer account doesn’t work on either apps nor website. Can’t ACTIVATE MY NEW SIM CARD.

Queue another chat with Customer Support, after a painful conversation explaining the situation, I get told they can’t activate the sim card for me. Great. At this point I lose all hope, and somehow the agent then finally comes back on their statement and decides that they can actually give it a try. My new sim card is finally activated, and everything quickly seems to come back online. I receive missed calls notifications, 4g works, can place & receive calls. My online customer portal seems to be accessible again (although both apps are still non-functioning).


So, all good then, right?

Nope. Last friday, I am again notified by friends that I cannot receive calls, they land on my voicemail directly. So of course → back to Customer Support. This time, I inform them that this has lasted long enough, and it will be my decision to terminate my contract with them should these issues persist any longer. They tell me a technician will look at it yet again and solve it asap.


Yesterday, I noticed my phone now constantly displays ‘No Signal’.  Today, this is still the case. I cannot call, I cannot be called, NOTHING WORKS.


I’m desperately trying to get through a human on the chat, but the chatbox for the new system automatically tries to redirect me to a LANDLINE. I CAN’T CALL. No matter what I type in there I cannot get someone through chat. 


So here I am, in a final effort to get any sort of support, not knowing whether any of this will ever be resolved.


If this doesn’t work by this Friday, then it’ll be goodbye Tele2. 


Beste antwoord door Skwiggs 30 January 2021, 17:10

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Welcome to the Community! Thank you for your clear explanation of the situation. I will do everything I can to solve this for you!

This did not go smoothly, I apologise for that. You are now over to the new network, that has a lot of advantages! You now have 4G roaming in Europe and you use the best tested network in the Netherlands! It is possible that you are in an area where coverage is not optimal or where maintenance may be done. On our coverage map you can see what the connection is like in your area:  

Is the coverage good but you still don't have a good 4G? Then I advise you to turn off your phone completely and restart it again, and see if you have installed the latest updates. In most cases, these steps will help! If this doesn't work for you, we have taken some more steps in a topic on our Community. You can find these steps here: If you can't figure it out or if all these steps don't work for you, please let us know!

In the meantime, I will create a case for you at the technical department. I will come back tomorrow with an update! Of course I will do everything in my power to make you a satisfied customer again. I am here for you! :muscle:


Hey Cas, 

Thanks for replying. 

You don’t have to sell the new network to me. I’ve been enjoying 4G roaming in Europe before and right now I obviously can’t experience any of it anyway.

I’ve usually got real good coverage (Amsterdam, Nieuw-West area). I have restarted my phone many times, and previous call with one of your technicians also had me reset my network settings, to no avail.

Again, I’d like to reiterate: I have already been through all those support steps. The issues clearly lie with the migration and your back-end. As said before, my SIM card is currently stuck with ‘No Service’ since Monday.

This happened two weeks ago, before a new SIM card was sent to me (again, without even being told I’d receive one 🤔).

Worse of all is really the timing. I’m expecting calls and missing out on a lot of opportunities as I’m currently in the process of finding new accommodations and rental agencies can’t get through to me. It’s really bad.


When I log into the customer portal, this is what I see:


So, still no update on this... It’s Thursday, I’ve spent the whole week with ‘No Service’. Unable to call, be called, no 4g, no texts, nothing.

Even better yet; I just received my factuur for November. Yeah sure let me pay for my excellent service this month.


Also, I can’t even ‘opzeggen’. It doesn’t recognize my phone number. Brilliant. Just brilliant.


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Nice to know that you are normally satisfied with our services. You still don't have any service?I am so sorry to hear that for you! I see that you have a new SIM card. Can you test it in another device? What happens then? This way we can rule out whether it is on the device or on the SIM card.

The first step to solve the problems with logging in is to re-register your account. Can you try that via this link:
Enter your 06 number and follow the steps.

I also have a few more questions.

  • Which device do you have?
  • Is all software up to date?

I would like to hear from you in order to solve this as well as possible for you! :muscle:

@Cas van Tele2 as I previously wrote:

My new sim card is finally activated, and everything quickly seems to come back online. I receive missed calls notifications, 4g works, can place & receive calls. My online customer portal seems to be accessible again (although both apps are still non-functioning).

My new SIM card was working ok-ish for a week (until last Friday, when I was told again that people trying to call me landed on my voicemail directly). I visited Belgium last week and roaming there on the new SIM card was awfully slow (way slower than previously).

I have already tried someone else‘s SIM card in my phone & vice-versa. Their SIM card works on my device, and mine still doesn’t on theirs. 

I have an iPhone 8, my device is always kept up to date (I’m an iOS dev, it’s literally my job). The issue is clearly not on my end…

I’ve gone through the link you sent, reset my password and logged in again. Still Geen actief abonnement.

Please advise

Looks like my phone number has completely disappeared… what the hell


So, we’re Friday, this is where it currently stands:

  • Still no service
  • No abonnement data to show on my customer portal on the website
  • Phone number apparently not even found when I login to the Tele2 app on iOS
  • Can’t opzeg myself
  • Can’t ask competitor provider to take over my current number (sms verification required)

So, since I can’t seem to get out of this insane situation (without flat-out requesting a brand new phone number), I’ll simply start reimbursing my direct debits until this gets fixed

I cannot understand how Tele2 allows this to happen. This is so broken, and nobody can’t seem to be able to do anything about it. It’s beyond unbelievable.


I just received an email stating yet another SIM card has been dispatched to me and should arrive within 3 working days… So nothing before next week Wednesday. Sigh…

Looking forward to another painful chat with Tele2 Customer Support to tell them I can’t activate my SIM card myself.

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Hey @Skwiggs,

I make sure that activating the SIM card goes smoothly this time. So that this story comes to a good end. Of course, we are also looking for an appropriate concession. I will take care of that! 

If you give me a signal when you have your new SIM card at home, I will activate it for you immediately! :muscle:

@Cas van Tele2 I have received the new SIM card yesterday, can’t activate it myself on the website since it looks like I have no active abo, there are no links or buttons anywhere that mention SIM card activation… :/ 

Daily update:

  • 2nd SIM card received yesterday
  • Unable to activate it myself, as my account doesn’t show any data regarding my abo
  • @Cas van Tele2 tried to activate it, but that didn’t do anything.

In short: Day 8 - Still ‘No Service’

Day 9 - Daily update:

  • Just had a call through a friend’s phone with a Tele2 engineer.
  • I’m going to receive a 3rd SIM card

The engineer basically explained that all these issues started when the first SIM card was ordered;

I was still on the old system, and so that SIM card would only work on the old system too. Hence why it worked for a short period. It stopped working when I eventually got migrated to the new system.

The second SIM card should have worked though, as it was ordered when I was already migrated. Both the engineer & @Cas van Tele2 tried to activate it several times, but without success. Which is why they decided to send a 3rd SIM card.

I was also told that my account would get credited by the amount of time I had no service, so at least that’s nice.

Let’s see how this goes. Fingers crossed.


Daily update

I have received the 3rd SIM card last Friday. Of course I had to wait for the weekend for support to be able to assist me. @Cas van Tele2 told me he’d activate the card for me, but I haven’t heard back from him as of yet.

So, I’ve gone through web chat yet again. After about 30mins I managed to get someone to activate the new SIM card for me.

IT DIDN’T FIX IT. I still have ‘No Service’. I’ve tried the card in another phone, still nothing. I’ve reset network settings, still nothing. 

At this point I am beyond done. It’s already a FULL week past my deadline, nothing works, and I CANNOT GET OUT OF IT. I’m literally being held hostage by Tele2. I cannot transfer my number to any other providers.

When I shared this with the agent on the chat, they told me I’d be refunded by 1€ per day of the outage. 1€. When I’m pouring HOURS every day trying to get this fixed with their support channels.

I just don’t know what to do. The only option I have right now is to lose my phone number and just sign for a new contract with another provider.

This whole situation is utterly nonsensical. I cannot believe it.

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Hello @Skwiggs,

First of all, I apologise for the state of affairs. It seems very much that something has gone wrong with the migration but we cannot find out what is there. I know that you are putting a lot of time and effort into solving this, we are also working hard behind the scenes to find out. The problem is that this really is a very unique situation and we have not yet been able to find out what the situation is.

Because it is taking so long, I want to make sure that the costs are reimbursed and that your number is released. This can be arranged for you today if you wish. I'm sorry I can't get you online, that's what I want most of all! :thumbsup:


Daily Update

This case was now sent to Network Technicians, the same technicians who built the new network, so I’m told they should finally have all the tools & skills to fix this issue.

Now, because of this, @Cas van Tele2 ‘s offer above to release my phone number (so that I can go for another provider) no longer stands. The tech team wants to solve this issue before anything else is done.

So yeah… Still no service but at least it looks like finally things are being properly handled.


Well, we’re in 2021 and the issue has persisted to this day… I’ve given up on hope. I’ve been in touch over the past month & a half with technicians and network engineers, who’ve all been looking at the issue and tried to fix it.

I was told last week that, despite all efforts so far, a resolution could not be found. They would therefore move my account information over to a brand new account, essentially just ignoring what’s gone wrong and starting from a clean slate. They said I’d finally be able to receive calls & text messages like normal… But once again, that wasn’t the case.


So there we are. 4 months into this, I’ve had enough and decided to migrate over to the competition. Damn shame really, but I’ve ran out of patience.

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After 4 months, i think this is the only and best option left!