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  • 30 April 2023
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Good afternoon!


I have a 12 month contract with Tele2 since February of this year but I’d like to change provider because I find it is extremely slow to connect to the line both for calls and to browse the internet; it’s not always that slow, but it is too often and I start to find it quite annoying. 


My question is: I need to request the number porting online by the new provider, but it doesn’t give me the option to select an immediate porting, so it will probably ask Tele2 for the available date and it will fail the new subscription because it’s not 4 month yet till the date of ending. 


So I thought, can I cancel my subscription with Tele2 directly myself, so that the number will be free of any restraints, and then ask to the new provider to port that number to my new subscription?


I believe it should be possible, because the Dutch Market and Consumers (ACM) authority states that consumers have right to number porting until one month after the date of termination of the contract: ”U hebt recht op nummerbehoud tot 1 maand na de datum van beëindiging van het abonnement”, see link attached.


But on the phone when I asked a few weeks ago I was always told  that I would lose the number, that number porting before the end of contract is not possible etc. etc.


Now I know that if the new provider asks for the “afkoop” of the current contract by the old provider it’s definitely possibile, but because I need to complete the order online, I need to do the “afkoop” myself and free the number in some way, and then ask a classic porting to the new provider so it sees no date restriction and can complete the porting procedure.

Can anyone confirm that I can do it this way or do you have any suggestions?


I also thought I could request Tele2 to transform my subscription into Prepaid (I don’t know if that’s possible) so also in that case there won’t be any date restrictions but the number would still be active.


But still Tele2 should keep my number for at least 1 month in case of termination of the contract, so that I can in case request a number porting of my old number to a new subscription. It’s like this in whole Europe, and I could now find it also on the Dutch authority website, so do you confirm this?

Thank you for your attention and I wish everyone a nice Sunday!,overstapt%20naar%20een%20andere%20aanbieder


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Ho @jbm.d , welcome to the community. 

The contract will run until feb 2024. The ACM indeed instructs the number porting to be possible a month after your contract is ended  so, you can ask a new provider to take over the number after feb. 2024.

A contract can not be transferred to prepaid. Tele2 does not have that.

More important, lets see how you can improve your experience. You can see the prediction and a way to report your bad experience via the dekkingskaart.

@eric Okay, so if I terminate my subscription tomorrow, I will have one month to go to another provider and ask him to do the number porting, and I will not loose my number right?

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You can not cancel your subscription until feb. 2024.

@eric of course I can cancel my subscription before feb. 2024, by paying the cancellation fee. 
If I need to pay it really, ‘cause I’d be cancelling for complaints in the service so it would be logical to assume that by issues in performance of the service I would have the option to cancel without paying

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Than there could be a different outcome for the number porting. If they allowed this it is like breaking the automated processen. A year contract is a year contract.  Any change becomes with conditions like you can not port your number. The customer care agents will know and inform you.

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Hi @jbm.d, first off I hope you had an amazing Sunday as well! Not nice to hear that your connection is slow sometimes, I would be happy to help you fix this. There’s a few things we can do. I can walk you through 5 steps to improve your network connection. If this doesn’t solve the issue, I can open a case for my colleagues to research the network connection. For this, I will need some information and at least two examples of when your connection was slow (call, SMS, data). My colleagues will need 4-6 days working days to research it, before they get back to you.

If you want to terminate your contract early and take your phone number to a new provider, it's not very easy. However, it's not impossible. You should be able to request a new contract with the other provider and mention that you want to keep your current Tele2 phone number. The new provider will request number porting with us. We support number porting within 3 working days, including the cancellation fee. If you try this option, please let me know if it worked for you. If you would like to give us another chance and walk through the steps to improve your connection, I'm here for you!