My sim doesn't work

  • 15 May 2022
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I wana complain 

My phone number [removed by moderator]

seven month ago I activated tele 2 and i know in all Europe i can use my phone but i dont have any access and signal and antenna 

why ? I have alot of work and i need internet 

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It could be your sim still has a blockage for use abroad. This blockage is automatic during the first two months of a subscription. If so a tele2 employee can remove this for you. On this forum there are no tele2 employees active in the weekend. You could try the chatbot at https://www.tele2.nl/klantenservice#contact and type ‘medewerker spreken’ in chat and see if you can get a hold of someone that way.

I told you i had it for 7 month and i have checked Tele2 App everything is correct. 
please activate for me today , Chatpot I couldn’t use it and I don’t have signal and I can’t call tele 2 , please call tele 2 and fix for me 

I am just a customer like you, so I can not help you with that. 😉


Sometimes the blockage stays active after 2 months due to technical problems at tele2, so that's why I mentioned it. A tele2 employee can remove it for you, but I and most people here are just customers like you.

You could try the chatbot on a later moment today to see if an employee is available, or contact customer service on Monday. You could also try twitter or facebook at the links on the lower edge of this page.

I hope you'll be able to contact someone this weekend, else Monday morning will be your earliest opportunity to reach someone from tele2 for sure.

Ok thanks

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Hey @Alirezaghorbany thanks for giving us your phone number. I removed it from your topic, because everyone could see it. Next time, please put it in your profile, so it stays private for all others except for me and my colleagues. 

There was indeed still a blockage on international roaming on your account. I just removed it. Please restart your phone and let me know if you can connect to our network again.

If it doesn’t work - no worries! It’s a known issue that connecting to a network abroad isn’t going smoothly at the moment, however we have steps to fix this. 

Let me know if these are needed or if it works for you! 😊