I am not receiving verification SMS

  • 30 August 2021
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I am not receiving verification sms from the polish government website. 

I complained with them and was told that messages are send correctly and that the issue is with my carrier rejecting or blocking sms.

The verification sms are send from these 2 numbers:

Orange: +48 789 449 600

T-Mobile: +48 664 079 766


Beste antwoord door Marciano van Tele2 3 September 2021, 09:57

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3 reacties

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Hey Pinion, welcome to our Community! Good to see that you filled in your phone number in your profile. I checked if there were any blockages on your account, but there aren’t any, so that’s good.

I have 3 options that you could check and try to see if these will fix the issue.

#1 Could you please check if the Polish government has your correct and current number.

#2 Because the SMS comes from abroad, your number must be filled in as +316 in stead of 06.

#3 If the 2 tips above are correct, please try to (temporary) link another phone number and see if you receive the SMS on that number. If yes, you can link your own phone number again.

Please, let me know if the tips above fixed the issue! Otherwise we’ll look further into it. I’m looking forward to your reply! :smile:

1 & 2

I received sms from numbers listed above before with no issue.

Last one I can see I received correctly on 15.06.2020. From number listed above to my current number.

3. To change my number I would have to confirm it with sms code. That's impossible since I do not receive sms.


Last time I received sms correctly my number was with Tele2. 

Polished government took 9 months to tell me it's a issue with my carrier.

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Hey Pinion, thanks for checking all the options! I just made a ticket for my technical colleagues. Could you tell me the official name of the organization/service that’s trying to send you the verification SMS? And also; the date and time of when you expected the SMS. 

As soon as you give me this information, I will assign the ticket to them, so they can research this for you! :smile: