• 8 August 2022
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Hi! On juni i go to another mobile provider, but tele2 is still take my money automaticaly. WHY? 


Beste antwoord door Jacco 8 August 2022, 21:04

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Hi Svetlana,

did you cancel your subscription with Tele2? You always have to pay one month after canceling your subscription. In Dutch they call it “opzegtermijn”.

The payment is always afterwards, so you payed the last month (juli) this month (august).

But i pay in july and also in tele2 still make incasso. But i change monile operator in juni. Its too much. 

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Hi Svetlana,

like a said. The incasso from august is for the month of juli. Because you always pay afterwards. 


But i stop use in juni. So why i have to pay in july and august?

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because you always have one month to pay after cancellation (month of July). And because you pay afterwards for the invoices the July invoice incasso is in august. So august was the last incasso from Tele2. 

July incasso was for the month of June 

August incasso was for the month of July

OMG. It's not fair. The contract has expired . So i paid for nothing . 

I check again. I go to other company from 23.05.2022.  And i still pay for tele2 every month! 

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Read the comments before, you said you canceled the contract with Tele2 in June. 

You always have one month “opzegtermijn” so the contract will stop in July. You pay afterwards every month. So your last incasso is in august. 

We can discuss this, but like you I am a costumer also. This is how every phone company works. Canceling a contract is always with + one month “opzegtermijn”. 


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Hi @Svetlana1986!

I see that @Jacco has given you a fantastic explanation. It is true that you always have a month's notice period, which you also have to pay. In addition to the month's notice period, you must also pay your invoices in afterwards. This means that you can indeed still receive invoices from us after the end date, because you pay us until the end date. You can also find the dates on your invoices in your own MyTele2 environment, so you will have more clarity about this!


My goodness, i understand about notice period. But i pay too long! I stop in may. But in august tele2 again took my money. For july? I already pay for may and juni( notice period) .

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Did you get a confirmation that your Tele2 subscription ended? I think you can also check if your subscription is active or not in the MijnTele2 app.

I resolve my problem 

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Hi @Svetlana1986

How nice to hear that it's all clear and resolved by now! If there is anything in the future, please know that we are here for you! You can always open a new topic.

Actually its not resolved. People on chat can't help me . They send me on facebook.  Peoples from facebook tell - that i have to call! 

Noone care!

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Hi @Svetlana1986,

No worries, we do want to give you the right information and help you with this. I think indeed as has been said before it is the best way to call. This is because they will then take you through the explanation together step by step. Then I'm sure it will all become a lot clearer for you! My colleagues can be reached at 020 754 4444.