Did not receive the bill

  • 8 September 2021
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Hello , Dear , I have an Tele2 sim only which I I activated more than one month , when the first month was finished,  I didn't recieve any bill and 

And didn't issued a bill when I saw on Tele2 App , 

And Tele2 didn't withdrawals.  

My phone number [removed by moderator]


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The second question 

Last time , I wrote about i can not call to 0900 and your college told me I must active on app but it was active,  but I can't still call to 0900 

Please help me 

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Hey Alireza, our billing system was facing an issue where the invoice is not automatically debited. This issue should be resolved now and on the 9th (tomorrow) there should be an automatic debit for the invoice of August. Don’t worry, we’re aware and you don’t have to do anything. :blush:

About your second question, I just checked your number in our system and I don’t see a blockage on 0900 number, what happens or what do you hear exactly when you’re trying to call these numbers?

I’d love to hear from you! :smile:

About the second question , I tried to contact with connexxion customer service which their number 0900 ... but I couldn't and when I try to call , the automatic security informed me you have Tele2 and you can't 

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Hi Alireza, I’m working on it for you! I just added a blockage for service numbers and removed it right away. This helps in some cases, so let’s see if it works for you. Could you try to restart your phone? Let me know if you can call 0900 numbers now. 

If this doesn’t work yet, you can try to follow the steps on The site is in Dutch, but I think if you open it in the webbrowser on a PC or laptop, you can choose to translate the page.

Please, let me know if this helped you. Otherwise we will go through all the steps together! :smile: