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  • 28 June 2022
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I received an email from Tele-2 today asking to participate in a customer satisfaction survey, after I (supposedly) would have contacted them in writing, also today, which I did not.

According to the customer services nothing was sent to Tele-2 on my behalf. The email looks like an official email sent from Tele-2 via Medaillia but should be considered, according to Tele-2 customer services, as a well done Phishing attempt.

Don’t click!!!



Beste antwoord door Johrick van Tele2 29 June 2022, 13:15

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Hi @Tts


Welcome to the Tele2 Community!

How good that you are so alert to this, it is indeed true that we did not send this mail. This mail is a clear form of phishing! Thanks for reporting it here on the forum, this way other customers can also be aware of this. Hopefully this will not happen often again!