Haven't received the SIM card yet

  • 5 July 2023
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Haven't received the SIM card yet
Dear tele2 staff, I ordered a tele2 unlimited data SIM card on June 30, but I haven't received the package today, please check it for me, the order number is 197256557.


Beste antwoord door Marciano van Tele2 5 July 2023, 09:44

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Hi Feilong, first off welcome to our Community! Sorry to hear that you haven't received your sim card yet. I see that my colleague asked you to wait until Friday, it's possible that your sim card gets delivered on Friday. If not, please contact us again and we will get to work right away to get a new sim card to you as soon as possible. Will you also let me know if you receive it today or tomorrow? I'd love to hear from you!