A sim has not been delivered while porting number done

  • 24 August 2023
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I bought a sim only subscription through mobiel 22.08. It says I will receive a sim at the same day. Then PostNL changed date of order to 23.08. 23.08 in the morning Tele2 initiated porting of a number and my current sim has been disabled. PostNL changed the status to ‘delivered’ in the evening of 23.08, but I haven’t received a sim. So now I don’t have a mobile connection and temporary (I hope) lost my number.

It is not a first time when Tele2 ports number before customer receives a new simcard. Moreover, looks like my simcard has been lost and I don’t know what to do further (I will try to call postNl but it unlikely be useful).

Is this any offline store where I can reissue my new (not delivered) sim and finally get it? I don’t even know which id I can provide here to further investigation as I have only number of order from mobiel 3867361 .


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Hi @quiteusual4 

Welcome to the Tele2 family!

How unfortunate that you haven’’t received your sim card. But don’t worry I have ordered a new sim card for you and you will receive it within 3 working days. You can activate the sim card on your MijnTele2 account. There is no store where you can get a sim card so this is the only way. I hope you will receive it very soon! Once again sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi @HajarK ,

thank you for the quick reply and for the new order!

Have you picked up details for the delivery from the number 3867361 or by an email (just wondering)? Will this sim be with my (currently disabled) number or I will have to transfer number somehow once I receive the sim? Because even though I have a Tele2 account I can’t properly use it as I don’t have an active mobile number. 

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I can also see your first order and not the delivery status. You would have to contact PostNL for that. The new sim card I send you is connected to the number you have ported which ends on 03. If you have any trouble activating the sim card please contact the customer service by phone they can assist you faster.