Modem return or not?

  • 12 May 2019
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I'm going to cancel my subscription and leave the Netherlands soon, then I got the confirmation email from customer service in English which mentioned "Modem
Je hebt nog een modem voor internet van ons. Deze hoef je straks niet terug te sturen"

Via Google translating, I got the result " You still have a modem for internet from us. You will not have to return this later"

it seems I don't need to return Modem at all?
Can customer service reconfirm that I didn't misunderstand the content of the email?
Because it looks strange for me because the Modem is used for 1 year only but Tele2 just asking me to throw away this equipment....



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Yes they do, its probably old and obsolete.
But not to trow it away but bring it to the dump or so.
When it got a electricity plug its free of charge because the disposel fee is allready payd.
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