Unable to contact tele2 customer service

  • 25 May 2023
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I have some questions about my mobile phone contract with tele2. But everytime I try to contact them either thru’ their chatbox or phone call, I am not attended because they are busy. Is there an email to which I can send my question? I prefer to ask it via a private channel.

4 reacties

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Hi @Udhaya K 


There is no email adres for that. You can chat, call, use Twitter or Facebook to contact them. On this forum you can put your questions and other customers will try to respond. These customers can not look in the Tele2 systems, so it need to be more generic questions for this forum.

Hello Eric,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, their phone keeps going for wait for more than 20 minutes and twitter doesn’t allow to send private messages to them.

I think this forum is really an inefficient method for specific questions. Thumbs down to Tele 2!

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You are right,  the forum is for general questions. Specific over your case, call and if that takes longer, than you have to wait. A lot of things can also be seen online in your mijn.tele2.nl portal.

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Hey @Udhaya K , it's true what @eric  says, this is indeed a forum where you can look for answers related to your question. You can of course ask us a question, but the answer may sometimes take a while. This is because we are not a live channel, but we will do our best to answer you as soon as possible!

If you prefer live contact, that is also possible. See the different options on our website for this!