Can't unlock new sim card and can't access my online account

  • 1 October 2021
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  1. I have received a new SIM card and my phone number has been transferred over today
  2. I’ve tried to login to my online account to unlock my SIM card
  3. I can’t login because “Oops, this combination is wrong. Try again.”
  4. I can’t reset my password because “There is no MyTele2 account yet for this telephone number.”
  5. I can’t create a new account because “An account with this number already exists.”
  6. I can’t call Customer Services because I don’t have any network connection.

Not the start I want as a new customer.


Beste antwoord door carbear 4 October 2021, 09:22

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That’s not very handy indeed! Did you try to activate your mijntele2 via: ?

The simcard is already activated when you receive it or your contract has an other starting date I guess?  Otherwise try to connect with Facebook or twitter DM, webcare team is always helpfull!

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Hey A.J., first of all, welcome to our Tele2-family! Nice to hear that you've transferred to us.

@carbear is right! According to our system, your simcard has already been activated, so you shouldn't have to activate it. Are you connected to our network and can you use your data and call/SMS bundels?

I've looked into the error that you're getting when trying to create a MijnTele2-account and I believe I found the cause. It's probably because you still have a My T-Mobile-account with the same credentials. I'd love to delete that account for you, so you can create a My Tele2-account instead. Therefor I must do an ID-check.

Could you send me a DM with your date of birth, address + zipcode and last 4 digits of your IBAN? Once I receive this information, I will delete your My T-Mobile account. :smile: