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  • 18 November 2022
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I pre-order Google Pixel 7 Pro 256GB. It was supposed to arrive at least one week ago, and I can claim my gift of Google Buds Pro. Now the Deadline is with in 2 days for claiming the gift, but the phone will take at least some weeks to arrive. 

The customer service asks me to cancel my order because they cannot be sure I can have my gift the Google Buds pro. Why ca n't Tele2 extend the deadline?

Canceling my order doesn't seem to be a fair solution to me.



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The free buds is a promotion from Google. The buds are ordered also directly from Google once you comply with their conditions. Unfortunately, some models of the Pixel are hard to get. Google underestimated the sales numbers.

Keep track at the Google site of the promotion will be extended. Otherwise you can cancel the order like customer care advised.


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Hey @Vio1410 first off; welcome to our Community! What @eric says is absolutely correct. However I have an update for you. We've been in contact with Google about this and it's safe to say that you will be able to claim your Buds Pro. I heard that the phones will be delivered at the end of December, and you will also be able to claim your Buds until the end of December, so no worries! It takes longer than we all expected, but you will get them for sure. 😊

Thank you for your response Eric and Marciano. I will be on holiday outside the country from mid December to the 4th of January. Hope I can make the the deadline. 




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Hey @Vio1410 I see now that your package has been handed over to PostNL en it should be delivered today! Did you receive the Track & Trace as well? Let me know once you received your phone and if you successfully claimed the Buds.

This sounds like a perfect (Christmas) holiday! Where are you going to celebrate? Wherever you go, I hope you have an amazing holiday! 😊

@Marciano Now I successfully registered for the Buds pro. Thank you Marciano!

I will be visiting family in Italy for Christmas, with a new phone to take some nice memories. 😄

Hope you will have a nice Holiday season as well.




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Hey Vio, you’re very welcome and great to hear that you registered for the Buds! Christmas in Italy sounds lovely. Exactly my thoughts, glad to hear that you have your new phone to take with you from now on. Thank you very much, already looking forward to it! 😊

Enjoy! 🌟