Still charged contract ended 6 months ago

  • 26 July 2021
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Pertaining to the many issues I documented in 

, to this date, I’m still getting charged by Tele2 every month. I’m actively refunding each and every debit, but this has to stop!

I've had calls with some customer assistants asking me in a very condescending tone why I was categorically refusing to pay "my bills" with Tele2. I've explained the situation and asked them to look into my customer file, and if they could actually stop these unauthorised debits, to which they replied they'd look into it.

But of course, I'm still getting charged...

I'm now being threatened by Tele2 to report my "betaalachterstand" to the Stichting Preventel, and were that to happen I would not have any other choice but to take legal measures against Tele2 to protect myself from this insane situation.

Consider this my final request for this ridiculous saga to cease immediately. Stop the direct debits, delete my customer details & history from your databases, and LEAVE ME ALONE!

I'm expecting very swift compliance from Tele2 on this.


Beste antwoord door Cas van Tele2 28 July 2021, 14:10

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Hi @Skwiggs,

This is, of course, not the intended situation. Good that you are raising the alarm, I will make sure this gets to the right department immediately. My apologies for the inconvenience! I'll send you a private message for more information.


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Hello @Skwiggs,

I terminated your contract yesterday, which should have happened a long time ago. There was a case on your account from March but it had not been taken up yet. My apologies for this. 

All invoices have been credited so you will not receive any more messages from us about dunning.