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  • 10 March 2023
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I have already send what needed to be provided to your customer service (Payment proof).However, there is no response from any of your apartment. When I dialed again, your staff said to me that your finance department will contact me in 5 days. Can I simply interpret it as a kind of excuse or ignorance. I have already waited for my money for almost a month. How can you treat your customers like this ridiculous way?


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Dit topic is gesloten. Maak een nieuw topic aan als je een vraag hebt.

2 reacties

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Thats not the way it should go, but most of the times when i see a topic about refunds of payments it all gets fixed eventually. Good that you had contact with the customerservice. Maybe a moderator here on the community can check the status if you have filled in your account with your personal details. 


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Hi Zhengangu, there’s no need to start a second topic. I just replied to your original topic, so let’s talk there! I will close this one, so we can keep the overview.