No access to internet

Yesterday I received a message that I can connect the router. I used the second type of modem connection, but I still do not have an internet connection. I check all my house and I don't find any other way to plug the cable.
Kind regards

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Hi Wiktor,

I would like to look into the problem for you but for that I will need the following information from you first:

- Name
- Address
- Zipcode + City
- Customer number
- Date of birth
- Last 4 digits of your bank account number

Use this link to send me a private message: Private message to Kevin.

Can you also tell me how the modem is connected to the wall (maybe a picture) and which light on the modem are green/red/blinking/off?

Thanks for your cooperation!

Regards, Kevin
That look my conection
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Iv'e received your private message and I measured the line for you and it tells us that there a high probability that there's a problem at the customer premises. Because of that I would like to ask you a few additional questions. First of all we need to determine if the connection point your using right now is the main connection point because it might not be.

You already mentioned you didn't find another connection point but did you also look in the utility closet(meterkast) or the basement/crawlspace? To see what different types of connection points are available which you might find I'd like to point you to the manual, on page 3 you can see pictures of different types of connection points.

Regards, Kevin
Yes I look everywhere and this is main connection point.
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Hi again Wiktor,

I've sent a message to KPN, our network provider to send a mechanic to solve this problem for you. They will send you a text message within 1 working day which contains a link to make an appointment online.

I would appreciate it if you could keep us updated on this!

Thanks for your patience

Regards, Kevin