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  • 16 juli 2020
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Hello Friends,

I have a Tele2 internet at home on the ground  floor and a wire extension on the 1st floor. Can I use ADSL2 + modem router to create a connection on the 1st floor? The modem router  that I have is TP Link WD-W8968.

Thanks for your help in Advance.



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3 reacties

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Just connect a network cable to the modem and the first floor.

You mentioned having a wired connection on the first floor already, so what exactly is your question?

Thanks for your response. I have a wired point on the 1st floor so I want to connect a wifi router there to have good connectivity. The signal of the router on the ground floor is weak and gets disconnected frequently. Hope I am made my question clear.



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Then use a ‘normal’ WiFi router you can buy in a store, not a modem/router. Connect your modem with a network cable to the new router WAN port.