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  • 8 februari 2021
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I have successfully activated my new simcard in Tele2 last night but the phone still indicates ‘no service’ since the first time I put my simcard in. I talked to the chatbot and did everything she told me to (check my location, restart my phone, allow all the blockages settings and pay all my bills), however the chatbot indicated that I have to call the customer service. Now, how can i ever call the customer service if my simcard is not working and I have no other phone nor do I speak fluent Dutch? I would really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

2 reacties

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When you are in the chat, ask “medewerker spreken” . During office hours you get redirected to a customer service employee.

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Hello @bellabel,
Welcome to the Community! I'm going to help you activate your SIM card immediately so you can start using your services as soon as possible.

We are transferring everyone to our new network. The new network has many advantages including 4G roaming in the EU and you will be using the best tested network in the Netherlands. We have done everything we can to make sure the transfer goes smoothly. I've taken a look at your data and I don't see any blockages and your bills have been paid. 
I can make sure your SIM card will be activated as soon as possible and if it doesn't work I will send you a new one. Send me your 06 number and the SIM card number in a privébericht (private message) and I'll make sure your SIM card is activated as soon as possible! 

I'm here for you!