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  • 1 May 2023
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phone: Samsung Galaxy s20+

os: Android 13


Could anyone from ServiceDesk Team or the Community could please help to tackle this SIM card issue? Currently I live abroad (EU) and when I checked from yesterday I simply can’t use my tele2 number (it keeps throwing me a "Not registered on network". My account says all green, it’s not blocked anyhow.

What I did so far (with no success):

--restarted the device

--changed a simcard slot

--checked the health using a Samsung health checklist - all goed

-- manually changed the network carrier - any of 3 given works on my end



Could you please either unlock it or help me to make it up&running again?






Beste antwoord door Marciano van Tele2 2 May 2023, 10:39

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Hey Peter, welcome to our Community! Thank you for your explanation and screenshot. I looked into it right away and I’m happy to clarify some things for you. I see that you have an outstanding invoice from February (€ 16). This is the reason why you got suspended.

We’ve sent several text messages about this and payment reminders in March and April. You can use wifi to log into your MijnTele2-account. You can easily use iDeal to do the payment. In the SMS from 03-04-2023 you will also find a direct link to the payment.

You can also do the payment manually, but please note that this method needs a few days to process the payment, so I would suggest iDeal via MijnTele2. If you prefer to pay manually, please use the following information:

  • Account number: NL84 COBA 0733 9595 20 t.n.v. Tele2 Nederland B.V.
  • Please mention your customer number as payment reference.

Also please note that reconnecting you to our network costs € 28 that will be settled on your next invoice.

Living abroad sounds great! Do you live abroad permanently or for a longer amount of time? You might want to use a local sim card. If you stay abroad for a longer period of time and use more data there than in the Netherlands, this will cost extra. Please have a look at the SMS that we’ve sent you on 02-04-2023 and more information on this page.

I hope this clarifies things for you and helps you to get reconnected to our network. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. I’m here for you and I’m happy to help! 😄