Rejection Tele2 I am not expat!

  • 16 November 2021
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I’ve trying to transfer my phone to Tele2 this week via phone with a costumer agent and via Internet. However, I got rejected, but I don’t have an email with any information or any other form of communication. Could you help me?




I don’t have a permanent contract with any other company

I do not have debts with any other company or business 

I am not new in the Netherlands and all my legal stuff is ok


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Did the email contain any information at all? Just that you were rejected? 
It can be due to several things. People with a Dutch passport can also be rejected if they have too many debts, for example. You say you have no debts, which is good. But other checks are also done and it also depends on your income and chosen device. So many aspects.

I would ask the customer service what is going on. If you can't do it directly via tele2 you can also try it via or In that case you have to apply for it yourself.


It’s because I don’t have DUTCH passport! Hahahah SCARY AND RACIST RIGHT?

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Hi @AlbaVF 

This has nothing to do with racism. It is a matter that all kinds of foreign ID's need more complex verification. To build that into a website cost money. Most providers choose to hand this proces out to the retail channel. @carbear menioned already which has a great overview what kind of subscriptions and phone loanes you can get with each provider.

And before you scream that is discriminating with the langauage they use, they do have an english translation via their website!


Hi Eric, I do understand Dutch and believe me I am not a Karen at all… but thanks for judging :D I had a call with KPN and Tele2 today, and basically they say: We are sorry, if you don’t hold a Dutch passport we need to run a separate investigation. If verifications for immigrants require more complex verification, how is it possible that I only saw myself in this situation in NL? And maybe, I can even understand that they want to check us first but what is not acceptable at all is not having an answer, trying to play the researcher role finding out a why, and not even been responsive on calls either emails...that’s a thing that no matter what the fact is I can consider intolerable.

I don’t know how you call processes that involve categorization by nationality… Honestly, I do think they can find better check-ups that filtering people as Dutch holders or not…


Especially when trying to contract business lines with proof of record on the KVK. 


Hope now my explanation is clearer for everyone, and hoping for Tele2 to pick up this enquiry 

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As said before by others stop wheening an go to or and buy your sim. They don't ask for a dutch passport.