No network connection in Poland

  • 3 June 2022
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Hi everyone,


I have been using Tele2 since Feb 2022 now I am in Poland. I don’t have any connection at all now, to call, text message, and internet.


i have checked in my apps that nothing is blocked for the roaming and the APN is correct too according to another post.


 I can’t call the contact center as I don’t have connection to a phone call.


Can anyone pls help?


Beste antwoord door Marciano van Tele2 3 June 2022, 10:20

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Hey @Megs,

First of all: Welcome to our Community! Thanks for filling in your phone number in your profile. 

I checked your account and there was a blockage for international roaming. I removed it for you, so you should be able to connect to a network again. It could take a few minutes and you might need to restart your phone. If your phone doesn’t automatically connect to our network, please manually connect to the network ‘T-Mobile’

Let me know if it works for you! 😎



it’s still not working. Just restarted my phone

Hi still not working.


just restarted my phone



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Hey Megs,

Thanks for your screenshots! Usually this solves the issue. However there is one more thing we can check to solve it.

Can you please check the following settings on your iPhone:

Settings > Mobile network > Mobile Data Network > APN

What does it say after APN? If it’s not smartsites.t-mobile, please try to fill this in.

I hope this helps! 



it’s still not working :( what should I do now?

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Hi Megs,

That’s so weird… there aren’t any blockages anymore and you manually selected the T-Mobile network, so that should’ve worked. I saw that you also contacted my colleagues and they asked to remove the VPN from your phone and restart it. Did you already do this?

Please try to change the APN to and restart your phone (again). I hope this helps!