Need pin/puk code but can't log into tele2 account because I need to input code sent via text which i cannot receive? 

  • 14 September 2021
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I let my phone die and now I need to input the sim pin, which I never changed and can’t remember. I see you can request it via your tele2 account but I’ve also never logged into tele2, so to activate my subscription I need to input a code sent via text which I obviously cannot receive because my sim is locked… I also obviously cannot call either. 

Some help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.



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If you dont remember the sim pincode you have can use the plastic card where the simcard was in when you received it. On that you will find the pincode and the pukcode. It is important to keep that card for situations like this. Or you use MijnTele2, but you didnt activate that i understand? 
Try to call with someone else his phone or try Facebook / twitter DM, wait till a moderator helps you.