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  • 1 mei 2021
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Good day.  On Thursday I got a SIM card.  It is inactive until today.  when trying to create an account, a message is displayed that my phone number does not exist in the system (attachment).


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First of all, you posted a screenshot with your mobile number. Please never do that on a public internet page.

Second, you can’t register the sim card this way yourself. The number won’t be recognized because it hasn’t been activated yet. Tele2 sends a not activated sim card to prevent others to abuse the card. One of the welcome e-mails should have a link that you can use to activate the sim card. Another possibility is to ask the customer service to activate the card for you. You can reach them during opening hours with another phone, chatbot (ask to chat with an employee), social media or wait for a Tele2 moderator here (not here during weekends).

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Hey Lukasz, welcome to the Community! @pipodeclown has a very good point, but don’t worry, I removed your screenshot to hide your phone number.

First, I see that you’re sim card has been activated. Is that correct?

I looked into your account right away and I see that you’ve asked for number porting on Saturday. Now I also see that your request was approved, so the number that you used in the screenshot (that ends with 74), was a temporary number. You can ignore that number! 😊

If you use your old and current number (that ends with 31), you will be able to create a MijnTele2 account. You can do this easily with our app (the one with the blue icon) or via https://www.tele2.nl/mijn-tele2.

Let me know if you need any help. I’m here to help you!