deactivation and delivery of new sim cards

  • 12 October 2021
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I did my subscription last saturday the 9 october 2021.

The request was to move ftom lycamobile to tele2 and have the same number.

My subscription started on 11 october and my sim card that i have was also deactivated on the 11 october at 8.30 morning.

I have been waiting for 2 days for my new sim card and nothing received.

Customet service yesterday said it was sent.

Today there is another answer that i have to wait for another 3 working days to receive my new sim card.

How come ? Why did you deactivate my number yesterday since delivering of a sim card require a lot of days.

Now i am disconnected. Can not use my number. Can not log into digid app or do any communication with anyone.

What do you consider this ? 

Is this a service? Disconnecting people before delivring the active sim cards.


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Oh that doesn't sound so convenient ! 
But stopping your subscription with lycamobile didn't do Tele2 right? Lycamobile did that.

If number porting has gone well then you will receive a text message on your old number with a confirmation, which I think you should approve. You should not stop your subscription yourself before the number porting has succeeded.

Without the sim card from Tele2 there is not much you can do, you will have to wait for that one. Maybe you can ask lyca if they can activate your sim card again?