Activate sim card

  • 9 January 2022
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I need to activate my sim.


But I cannot use the online services because it asks me to confirm the sms code, which I can't receive as my sim card is not yet active.


Beste antwoord door theocoppes 9 January 2022, 22:27

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Can you call tomorrow with another telephone 020-7544444. That is the fastest way. 

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Hey @AmeJ did you already call customer service like @theocoppes said?

If not, I'm going to help you! However, I can't find your 06-number in our system. Does your subscription start on a later date? That would explain why I can't fit the number in our system yet. If you have an order number for me, I will check out your order and this will give me more information about your subscription. :smile: