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  • 19 April 2022
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i m not sure if i am in the right place, but i cant get anywhere with the customer service, i placed an order on February 10th, 2022 and for travelling reasons i cancelled the order same day, i made a payment of 227 euro and till today April 19th, 2022 i didn't receive my refund and the company is clamming that the refund was in my account since February, after two full months i managed to speak to a customer service that requested my bank statement to assure them that no refund transaction happened in my account.

i dont know what to do or who to reach, i m finishing my minutes credit balance on calling the customer service, and they are not even refunding me those minutes, so basically i m paying money to get my money back.

if anyone can plz help coz i m really frustrated and annoyed with the lack or service and there s no reason to hold my money back.

Thank you 


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Hey @kareemshams99 , thanks for filling in your profile with your phone number! I looked into your situation and I see that my colleagues are currently working on your case. I also see that you replied to my colleagues mail as she requested. So, that’s really good to see.

A refund usually takes a while, because of people’s approvals and the system, but I understand that you want the money back. And no worries, you will get it back for sure! However, I see that you’ve contacted several colleagues with this question, I would advise to stick to 1 channel. This one would be great. I will keep you updated on your case (57895113). Otherwise, multiple people will work on it and it will only slow the process down. 

I also looked into your extra costs for calling our customer service and I understand it’s not cool to keep spending minutes and money trying to get your money back for a few months. So, good news:  I just compensated the € 16,- that you had on extra costs this month. You will find this compensation on your next invoice. 💪🏻

I hope you will have a bit more patience, so my colleague can fix the refund for you. She will contact you by mail. If you haven't heard from her next week, please contact me. I will check your case and give you an update! 

If you have any questions, please let me know. Otherwise I wish you a great weekend! 😊