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  • 13 July 2021
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Hello. I have a sim only subscription with the cost of 10€ from 25-6. I extend the subscription with a device from 8-7. For now the cost for each month stated in the app is 9.99€. But the lastest invoice show that I need to pay an amount of 21.99€ while the subscription costs me 19.99€. Does it make any sense? Why the price is too high compared to the data bundles and call/sms minutes available for subscription?


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Please check the invoices and the days of the month, it’s normal to have a non standard amount on the invoice for the month of the subscription change.

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Hey Truc, good that you filled in your phone number in your profile!

I checked your situation and I’m happy to explain these costs to you. The invoice you received this month is for the month of June and if you look at the invoice, specifically for the period of 25 - 30th of June (€3,-) + connection costs of €19,99 - €1,- discount on your bundle (internet + Bel/SMS). The total of €21,99 comes from the bundle costs (€3,-) + connection costs (€19,99).

Because it’s only these 6 days, all the costs and discounts are less than usual. You will see that your next invoice for the month July (that you will receive in August), will show €9,99 for your subscription.

Feel free to let me know if you have any more questions. :blush: