No internet for the entire week!

  • 24 December 2021
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Good morning,

I am experiencing since this Monday 20 December 2021 in the morning internet connection issues with Tele2. First, on Monday, they told me this was a general outage in the centre of The Hague. Later that day, still the wifi hadn't been resumed,  I have reached out again to the customer service and they did open a ticket with the mechanical desk (27480920) and would send me a new modem on Wednesday, in case the modem might be the culprit and to save time. The issue might be with either the modem or externally with the line. On Wednesday 22 December 2021, the brand new modem finally arrived very late in the afternoon. Without any instructions in the packet. Tele 2 was called once again to be provided guidance, they recognized that the old Modem was functional after all as the same issue was obseved with the new one just received. Then, they said as there was a general outage on Monday, this could not have been detected at that moment. So, an appointment with a KPN monteur was scheduled on Thursday 23 December 2021 between 2pm and 4pm. The monteur came at the last half hour and disappeared for an hour to go to the street cabine. He came back only  after I reached out to Tele 2 to know his whereabouts. Within 2 minutes, he was back at the doorstep and told me that the issue wasn't fixed. KPN washes his hand as Tele 2 was in fact the responsible owner of the Centrale and should repair the damage themselves. Contacted once again, Tele 2, has promised to reahch me out today Friday 24 December 2021 by make another appointment this time for their own Tele 2 monteur to come by.... 

Well, this is the 5th day without internet connection at all, I am supposed to be working remotely from home...

We are on the eve of Christmas day. Will Tele 2 brings the internet home for Christmas?

Thanks for reading me and best wishes and happy holidays...with internet and wifi Connection for the blessed and gifted ones. 



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Hey! Has it been resolved now? Let me know, I'm here for you! ^Alisha