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  • 9 February 2019
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Hi everyone,

I'm in the process of moving into a new apartment in Den Haag and I'm having trouble identifying where I connect my modem. The previous owner had Ziggo, so presumably used the coaxial connection - but as far as I know I can't do this for tele2?

I've attached photos showing each point I can think might be for the connection - there's nothing in the apartment that looks like any of the four connection types in the manual so any help would be appreciated!


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Hi Claire,

I see you've contacted the customer service and KPN has been sent to look into the missing connection point, hopefully they have a solution for you!

Regards, Kevin
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You have to look for an ISRA point which can look like:

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If they accepted the transfer, this should mean that you should have a dsl connection somewhere in your home.

But some people will (illegally) cut the cables and take out the connections, this isn't allowed of course because the connection and cable still is property of KPN.

If you cannot find it, the fastest way is to have Tele2 send a technician to your home, they have the blueprints showing where the cable comes in to your home.

And indeed only Ziggo cam deliver connection via coax cable, Tele2 uses dsl.