Urgent Concern about Information Security

  • 31 May 2023
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I am writing to bring to your attention a deeply troubling incident that occurred earlier today. I received a phone call from an individual who made alarming claims about my mobile number being involved in illicit activities. The caller insisted that they would freeze the funds in my bank account unless I transferred the money to their designated "secure" account. Given the detailed knowledge they possessed about my personal information, including my name, mobile number, and previous consumption records with Tele2, I have serious concerns about the security of my information within your company.

To provide you with a clearer understanding of the phone call, the caller spoke fluent Chinese and demonstrated awareness of my nationality. They also had access to specific details about my Tele2 account, what phone i used to purchard in tele 2, my name and phone number, which suggests a disconcerting breach of security. The caller's attempt to coerce me into transferring funds under the threat of freezing my bank account.


I have never share such information with others, I am really shock after this phone call, I want to ask you some question. 

  1. why they know such information about me, can you give me a reason?
  2. what should I do now, I think you did not store my information, contact with lawyer?
  3. what kind of right do I have ?



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Hey Jingye, welcome to our Community! This sounds very unpleasant. I'm not sure where this person got your name, phone number and what phone you are using, but I'm almost certain that they didn't get it from a security breach from us. There has not been a data leak with our customers' information. We work very hard to keep this secure. It sounds like 'Wangiri fraude'. This person is definitely trying to scam you, so please don't be afraid about them freezing your funds and never transfer any money.  Also, never call this phone number back or any fraud attempts in the future.

At this point you don't have to do anything, you could block the phone number, but don't be surprised if you get other phone calls like this. They usually easily change phone numbers for these kinds of phone calls. The best tip I can give you is to not pick up calls from international unknown numbers. You can also check this topic to see if the number they used is already known to us, if not, you can always give me the phone number, so I can forward this to my colleagues.  

I hope this clarifies, and again; don't worry too much about it!