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  • 31 oktober 2016
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Dear Tele2,

It seems to me that you don't want to understand the situation (which is not that complicated), here is what exactly happened to my tele2 account:

Summary of my order (Feb 10, 2016) Please See attachment 1. as you can see I never ordered a Telephone service.
as you can see from invoices (April, May) there is no (Bellen Onbeperkt Nederland) and I haven't been charged for that. but after May 2016 I have been charged for (Bellen Onbeperkt Nederland) please See attachments 2 to 8.
on April 2016 I asked Tele2 to Deport my (Other) Landline number (*** privégegevens weggehaald * Let op: dit is een openbaar forum *** ) from (Cheapconnent) to (Tele2). after that I received many emails confirming that my number will be deported to Tele2 within 5 days, but that never happened. please see attachment 4 to 6.
after many times contacting Tele2 customer service, on September 2016, They Confirmed that the number (*** privégegevens weggehaald * Let op: dit is een openbaar forum *** ) Can not be deported.
I have complaint many times to stop taking payments from my bank account for (Bellen Onbeperkt Nederland) because I don't have this service, also I asked to refund the money taken from my bank account.
until now I have not received any apologies or explanation on why tele2 still charging me for some service that I never had or asked for.

as a result of all this headache, I've had enough and this will be my last time contacting you about this issue. if I don't receive my money back into my bank account & you stop charging me for (Bellen Onbeperkt Nederland), I will stop any further payments, and will complain further.

Best Regards
Ayad Noufel

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let me know where do I send the attachments?
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Dear Ayad Noufel,

It's sad that it had to come to this. I want to see what I can do for you. I already have your customer number from your profile. Can you upload your attachment 1? You can do this by clicking on 'afbeelding'.

Best regards,
Hi & Thanks for your respond.

tele2 Customer service left me NO choice but to cancel the direct debit payments and prepare for the worst.

this is the only way to prevent tele2 stealing my money. it's a shame that a company the size of tele2 treating own customers like this.
I appreciate your trying to help, but I've had many calls & emails with tele2 C.S. and they all said they can not refund the money and they can't cancel the (onbeperkt bellen NL).
So I think I've wasted enough time explaining the situation, no one wants to understand or maybe they understand but they don't care. I really don't get it.
anyways thanks again for trying to help. with regards.
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Hi Ayad,

I can imagine why you are so skeptic. I would be too. I can see that you have never used your telephone line. So that is why I'm also curious what is in that attachment. I thought you have a letter or something where it's visible you didn't order the 'bellen onbeperkt nederland'. Please upload then I'll do my best to help you :)

Best regards,
Hi Trinh,

How can I send you the attachments but not on public forum? please
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I'm going to send you a private message with details.
thank you
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Dear Ayad,

Thanks for sending me more information.

I have a couple of question and I hope you can give me some answers. I can see that your original contract was without 'Bellen onbeperkt Nederland', but that there was a contact moment that changed your current to this new contract with 'Bellen onbeperkt Nederland'. I can see that you had a confirmation of this by mail. May I ask why it took you a couple of months before wanting to cancel this? I see that you've never used your telephone line even though you had a temporary number. Was there a particular reason for this? I hope you don't see my questions as a judgement. I'm only trying to understand your situation.

Hope to hear from you!
on April 2016, I contacted C.S. to deport 072601445 to tele2, from then my contract changed and renewed. but the deportation is not successful.
it took me a couple of months because tele2 C.S. was busy working out the problem on why *** privégegevens weggehaald * Let op: dit is een openbaar forum *** cannot be deported, until 11 October, I received an SMS from tele2 that deportation cannot be made. see attachment.

Now I can proof that the number (*** privégegevens weggehaald * Let op: dit is een openbaar forum *** ) is/was on my correct address. let me know if you want proof).

just for your information: I never cancelled the (Bellen onbeperkt Nederland), but deportation is not successful.
tele2 C.S. telling me if I cancel (Bellen onbeperkt Nederland), than the contract will be renewed for another year, and that is what i don't want, this service ((Bellen onbeperkt Nederland)) never worked for me, and confirmed by tele2. why should I pay for their failure?
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Thanks for the information.

During the time that you waited for the telephone deportation we gave you an temporarily number. May I ask why you did not use this number?
i have never received any number from tele2.
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This is strange, because we have informed you in february that you received an temporarily number.
that's even before I ask for deportation, this number 0707503892, is within the package (original contract) and also never worked. I still can see both numbers in mijntele2, both grey (not active). indeed very strange.
my main point is the deportation and change of contract. why my contract changed if the deportation can not be done?
the change of contract is based on (deportation date), and deportation failed, so the contract must be reversed to original conditions.
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I see that you contacted our customer service with the same question. Your case is now being handled at the department who can reverse your contract to the original conditions. I have to ask you to wait for this, because I can't do anything anymore for you.

Regards, Trinh