Unknown device in network!

  • 7 september 2015
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I am a new customer of Tele2 internet service, Client number: 7279014

I think someone has hacked into my network. The Router model "Technicolor TG789bvn" doesn't seem to have a MAC filtering so I am not able to filter the known device MAC address. I am afraid that my personal details and network will be misused by someone else.

Attached to this mail is the "Wi-Fi inspector" app screenshot of the devices connected to my network. Note the device circled in red "Linux.lan*" and its MAC address. The MAC address itself is very fishy since it only has just one letter different from my technicolor gateway MAC id. The tele2 ( network page showed an empty space for the same device (an empty space with no MAC or what so ever between the other known devices) and only the app found out the "hiding" device in my network. Refer to second image "Network login page" with red box added for the "blank device" among the known devices. (Note: Sweex is the portable wifi I use for my laptop)

Telephonic help from Tele2 customer care doesn't seem to work and I was directed to complaint on the same in the forum in my second telephonic conversation with customer care.

Please do the needful at the earliest!

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Is that not the Technicolor itself? Is also running on lunix I think.
But it does look strange. Maybe a fault in the firmware?
Does that still show up if you reboot the Technicolor?

Not a smart tv by any chance?
I am not sure! Even if it is so, the MAC address seem to be too strange to have just a single character different from the gateway! (Please note the second MAC id character in the second image which is "c4" for default gateway and "c6" for the linux.lan*)

I do not have a TV connection to the network and only the ones mentioned in the post. And yes I have rebooted the router more than a couple of times to check if it changed.
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I'm not sure either. It could be the MAC address for the wireless part of the router.
That usually has an almost similar mac address. And it seems to show up as a wireless device.
Still don't know why that would show up with IP address

I'm not really convinced that it is hacked. But I could be wrong.
You could change the wireless password for peace of mind. :)

In the first picture 'wireless' is clickable. Does that show
the mac address for the wireless network?
Sorry for the delya in response. My mail didn't update on the reply to the post.

NO. It doesn't show any MAC address in the network page. It shows up only in the "Wifi Inspector" app. But I can see the same same ip in //Home > Home Network > Interfaces > LocalNetwork// under "IPv4 address/Mask " with "Type" - "Content Sharing".

By "wireless network" as you mentioned, did you mean mac of the router or the unknown mac id shown by "wifi inspector"?

Also the TV signal on the router keep on blinking even though I haven't connected any TV.
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Okay, so it is part of the router itzelf.
Apparantly no hack. But a different IP address for content sharing.
Maybe for if you have a USB storage device connected to the modem
that that is accessable throught that IP address.
I'don't have the same modem, so I so I don't know for sure.
Maybe somebody else with the same modem can clarify this.

I'm still not sure that this should be on by default.
Still looks a little like a crappy firmware.
Or old settings by a previous user of this modem?

You haven't connected the tv-decoder either?
I haven't connected any other devices. The devices are connected only via WiFi. One laptop, a tablet and a mobile phone are the only ones I have connected to the modem.

Moreover, the modem still shows an old username "08060454107_kk@airtelbroadband.in" and password when I enter the network login page.
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No okay, but maybe that is what that is for. Not that you have that connected. :D

Maybe somebody else with that same modem can reply to any of this later? Anybody?
Phewww.. I am not sure how to proceed. I even asked if a new modem can be provided which has MAC filtering option but I was turned down. 😞 At least I will be sure about my network devices then.

I wanted to forward a written complaint on the same but there are no provision for accepting a written complaint in TELE2 services other than this forum!!!
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Moreover, the modem still shows an old username "08060454107_kk@airtelbroadband.in"
and password when I enter the network login page.
Can't you change that?

:? I'm not sure anymore. Airtelbroadband.in is in India?
Maybe ask for an other modem at the customer service?
I called the customer service a week back and asked if a new modem can be provided. I got a reply saying the agent doesn't find any issues on their computer and cannot change it. 😞
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I wanted to forward a written complaint on the same but there are no provision for accepting a written complaint in TELE2 services other than this forum!!!
You can do that at the following page:
But it is in Dutch. Klacht= Complaint
Okay. Thanks for the help so far. I will forward my complaint. 🙂
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You're welcome. :)
I hope that will bring a solution.
My google translate screwed up. I clicked the last one as answer and am not able to revert. 😃 I am trying to remove your last reply from answer..
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Oops. 😃 Yeah, I was surprized that I gave 'the answer', but no...that's no answer.
Unfortunatly, that can only be changed by a moderator from Tele2.
So hopefully somebody reads this and can unmark the answer.

Oftewel: Is niet beantwoord, graag weer on-antwoorden. :8 🙂