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  • 14 februari 2019
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Dear Tele2 community,

I recently moved within Amsterdam and decided to go for Tele2 as my internet provider. Unfortunately I was contacted by KPN earlier today that our apartment is not yet connected to the network and that they need to do some handy work for our internet to work properly.

As I registered on 2. Feb and the earliest possible date that this work can happen is the 1. March, this leaves me with a whole month without internet.

Me and the Mrs. work from home on a regular basis and need a stable internet connection so the customer support from KPN advised me to get in touch with my provider to enquire about a temporary solution to bridge the time until the work in our apartment is done.

Has anyone experience with this as I could not find a related topic in the forum?

How to approach the situation?

Kind regards

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2 reacties

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4 weeks delivery after ordering is in general not too bad. In the netherlands consumers got first 14 days a free cancellation period in which nothing can be done as consumers can take back the order. In the period after the technical installation will be created. In some cases that takes some extra work. Tele2 has no other means of connectivity than via KPN for cable or Reggefiber for glasfiber. There are some providers which has 4G routerkits which are an alternative for cable internet. But these subscriptions are longer than 2 weeks. Most simple solution is that you buy some extra databundels on your mobile and use a wifi hotspot on your phone for connectivity to your computers. Just avoid HD streaming for two weeks..
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To bad to hear the delivery of your product has been delayed. We however don't have something that we can offer to bridge this time. As @Eric suggested, the best option is to take an extra internet bundle on your mobile internet