Several disconnections per day internet home

  • 9 maart 2020
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Sure 60 Mbps is on the market! 

I also have it in basic. 

In real on speedtest it is here about 57/30 Mbps. Very good! 

Yeah it exists, its on my payment as in the pictures. But when the people from a company don't even know their products there is nothing I could do about it. That's why I just want to pay for the basic package since its the easiest solution and I think they are capable of doing it, but I'm just being ghosted right now. I'm just tired of being robbed for several months, I was patient but yeah… if nothing it's going to be fixed I’ll just find advice on how to handle things. Thanks

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Hello @Arturo,

Thank you for explaining the situation to us!
The most important thing we have to do is make sure that the speed that comes with the Basic Package is also delivered to you.
I'm taking over the case now and I'm gonna do everything I can to solve this for you.

I see that you have entered the data in your Community account, would you like to complete it with your date of birth and your full name?
If you have done this I will dive right in for you! I'm here for you.