Internet speed got horrible

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Hello, since more or less a week the speed of my internet connection is just terrible. I can barely view normal pages. I tried to restart the router several times already, but nothing changes. Apparently, the data flows in an intermittent way.

I wonder if there is a problem going on or if this is going to be the level of service from now on, because it's been more than a few days already.

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Did you try to contact the Klantenservice? (not on sundays)
Put you customernumber in your profile, then a moderator can check your connection.
I'd love to contact the customer service, but I failed to find a way to do so. Keep in mind that I can't speak Dutch and the webpage is not very English friendly. 😞
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During the week days you can call 020-754 4444 from 9 to 20 and saturday drom 9 to 18.

If you wait for the dutch message, it will prompt you to press a number to change to english.

Is your problem related to wired or wireless internet?

If you are using wireless, you could speed-up the diagnostic steps by plugging a desktop or laptop with a wired connection directly to the modem and observe if you encounter the same problems.