Internet connection is not working


Had set up Modem and internet was supposed to come on Feb-6, 18 hrs, but internet is still not working,
Customer care told that appointment will be raised with KPN, for solving this, but no progress till now.
No sms came, though it was told that sms will be shared for resolution.

can you please help, my address is **Removed by moderator due to privacy sensitive information**


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Also when I call customer service , call is getting automatically cut, after it says that it connect with Customer care person. Any reason for this?
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Hi ArulSamDilip,

If you send me a private message with the following information I can look into it for you!

- Name
- Address
- Zipcode + City
- Customer number
- Date of birth

Use this link to send me a private message: Private message to Kevin.

Thanks for your cooperation and I look forward to receiving your message.

Regards, Kevin
Thanks , have replied privately to you Kevin
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Hi ArulSamDilip,

I have messaged KPN to send you a text message to make an appointment, something they should have done last time but refused to do for unknown reason.

Thanks for your patience.
Thanks Kevin, Waiting for the sms from last week 🙂
Shall I send you my phone number, I have already shared to customer service executive. You may need to share a private link @Kevin van Tele2
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The number you gave then is still the same contact number KPN will use to reach you, so that's not necessary!

Regards, Kevin